Provide students with the tools and resources they will need to learn and grow in their faith for a lifetime. 

We want to connect their faith to their daily lives, encourage them to serve others, learn Martin Luther's Catechism, and prepare them to publicly reaffirm their baptism.

We utilize the Here We Stand curriculum. 

We have a 3 year rotational lesson plan focusing on the Catechism, Bible Stories & Living Faith.

Each confirmand will be assigned to a small group of peers with a mentor (s). 

They will stay with that group all 3 years of confirmation. Mentors will share the confirmation experience with their group members and encourage their understanding as to who they are as Christians and their developing relationship with Jesus.

2023 Confirmation Class

Confirmation Calendar

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On Line Sermon Notes

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Winter Wipeout

Summer Fest 2024 

July 7-10

2023-24 8th-11th Grade

Youth @ Wapo

June 16-21st

2023-24 7th Grade

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