June 30, 2022

New Office Job Opening

St. Paul’s in Hanover is looking for an Office Administrator! Our amazing admin left us to be a granny nanny and we would love for someone equally amazing to be part of the team. We are looking for a great team player, excellent people skills, and a good familiarity with day to day computer skills. Office hours for the role are T-Th 9-3 and Friday 9-noon. Great for someone with school age kids! More info can be found on our website at Resumes can be sent to

Sound and Equipment Help Wanted

St. Paul's is seeking a person to help with sound and equipment needs for outdoor worship during the summer months. This person would help with set up and take down of equipment, and running the sound board during worship. The time would be roughly from 7:30-10:30 am on Sunday mornings. Compensation would be available.

We will be more than happy to train someone who is willing to learn. This would be an excellent opportunity for a student who would like to learn a little about sound equipment (or one who already knows something about it).

If you are interested, please talk to Stacey or one of the pastors.

Simply Giving

Summer has arrived! With great weather ahead and the allure of travel and lakes and family on the radar, I want to remind you of a few ways that you can stay connected to church even if you are out of town.

Online worship is live every week at 9:15 and then archived on YouTube to watch anytime. Stay connected with your family here at church by subscribing to the St. Paul’s YouTube channel.

Simply giving has gone online to make it even easier to continue to support the ministry of St. Paul’s when you are away enjoying summer living. Find updated links on the website or scan the QR code on your phone to go to the page. Faithful and consistent support for our mission is a real blessing.

Children’s Country Preschool Job Opening

Child Care Teacher Assistant or Aide. Hours 12:00-5:00 Tuesdays and Fridays. September- June 2, 2023. Holidays and summers off. For more information, please contact Sue Duley at All other positions have been filled.

Hanover Harvest Festival (HHF) & Children’s County Preschool

Children's Country Preschool is once again running the Children's Activities at HHF on August 6. We are looking for donations of 250 bottles of 16.9 oz. non-caffeinated pop (usually come in 6 packs) or Gatorade, Tootsie Pop Suckers (10 bags); and Fruit Snacks (3 big boxes from Sam's or Costco). Sometimes the pop is on a good sale during 4th of July holiday week. Please email Sue Duley, Director, with the quantity that you plan to donate. Please leave it in the church office marked "CCP" by Friday, July 29.

Also, we could use some volunteer helpers to man some of the games. We have 2 different shifts (11:45-2:30 or 2:15-5:00). High schoolers may earn service hours. Please email Sue Duley, Director, to let us know you can help!

Last Week’s (June 26th) Worship Attendance:


Total Attendance—211

Last Week’s Offering:

Offering: $3,665
Online Giving: $1,265
Building Preservation: $130
Haiti: $132

Total Weekly Giving: $5,192


July 2022

Holy Cow!

I’ve been teaching my son how to use the big mower and help me out around the house by cutting the grass. I know he will do a great job, because he is pretty detail oriented and likes things done just right. In fact, I am sure that at some point he will do it better than I do. After a few mowings, I’m beginning to see that he is taking pride is getting the lines just right and alternating the direction he mows, just like I planned… I asked him how he does it so well and he told me, “The secret is you have to pick a spot and aim for it.”

I’m reminded of Luke 9:62

Jesus said to him, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.”

We can’t move forward and look back at the same time. It isn’t safe, it isn’t productive, and Jesus says it isn’t the way of the kingdom of God.

If we have work to do, and we do as the church and as people of God, we have to find the spot in front of us and aim for it. It is time to put a vision in front of the church.

It’s been a while since we’ve done this work at St. Paul’s. In fact, nobody I have spoken with can tell me the last time we took steps to ask God where he is directing us.

I think the time is here. The community is changing and growing, the church is changing and growing, and we need to ask God how we continue our tradition of 120+ years into the future.

The best place for us to start is in the here and now. We are again working with Holy Cow! Consulting to help us understand who we are and where God is calling us. Like we did five years ago in a time of transition, Holy Cow! has an assessment tool we can use to get at the heart of the congregation and the call on our church. In late June into July, we will begin rolling out the CAT or Congregational Assessment Tool for the people of St. Paul’s to complete. The assessment will be completed in early August and then we will work with HCC to develop a meaningful strategic plan.

I’m asking you to give us 30 minutes of your time when we go live with the assessment to make your heart known for the future of the church! More information to come, feel free to reach out with any questions.


Pastor Luke