We Gather

Weekly worship is foundational to the people of God. Whether you are looking for a new church home or have been with us for 50 years, chances are we will meet for the first time in or after worship. At St. Paul's we live into the example of the first churches and know that being together as God's people to worship and give Him praise is one of our highest priorities!

SUNDAY Worship

July 5th will be the start of our new summer worship schedule. First and foremost, let’s be thankful to God that we have ways to worship that allow us to be together. Second, let’s remember that we are doing things we have never done before. Every week we will learn and grow as we get more experience in being together in new ways. Grace is the guiding principle in this!

8AM In Sanctuary

As you enter into the sanctuary, all seating will be directed by ushers. Social distancing by household will be in effect. Seating will start in the front and work to the back. After worship, dismissal will be by ushers beginning in the back and finishing with the front.

You will receive individual communion elements when you enter. Directions will be given when it is time to commune. Offerings can be placed in the baskets by the doors when you enter or exit.

Because of health and safety guidelines, we are asking everyone to please exit the building following worship. We love coffee and fellowship and food too, and look forward to when we can gather in that way again.

Out of respect and care for others, it is expected that masks will be worn and social distancing maintained. If you cannot wear a mask for some reason, please find a seat in the balcony.

Remember, worship in the sanctuary will not be the same as the last time we were together. We are in a very different scenario and communion, congregational singing, and offering have all been adjusted to reflect the current reality.

Starts July 5

As you arrive, please reserve the north parking lot for any drive in guests or those folks with limited mobility. If you can walk, please park in the south parking lot. An usher will be available to help guide vehicles for those who wish to remain in their cars. Drive in guests will get bulletins and communion elements delivered to your car. The service is broadcast on 89.5 FM.

If you are arriving on foot to be seated, please find an usher to receive a bulletin and individual communion elements. You may place your offerings and tithes in the baskets near ushers before or after the service.

Please find a seat, keeping appropriate distance between households. Once the bench seating is full, there is ample space on the grass – remember lawn chairs if you aren’t an early arriver!

When communion is offered, the pastor will lead the words of institution and instruct you on when to take and eat and drink the elements.

On web, by email and on Facebook.

Baptism is an important part of any believer's faith journey as God welcomes them into our community of faith. At St. Paul's, we typically baptize infants and children, but baptism is for anyone of any age that has yet to receive God's promises over them in life.

Preparing for a Baptism

Baptisms are scheduled on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month.
If you haven't had a child baptized at St. Paul's, or if you are getting baptized as an adult, we ask that you speak with one of our pastors before scheduling a baptism

With our beautiful historic sanctuary, St. Paul's is a highly desired space for an intimate family wedding. The sanctuary is air conditioned with seating capacity for 225.

Our outdoor chapel is another possible setting.

We are honored to walk with families through these difficult times in life. Members should call the church office as soon as possible to let us know of any funeral needs. We are sometimes available for non-member funerals depending on the availability of our pastors.