Pastor's Message

October 2020

Part of the mission of any church, of any community of faith, is to bless others as they are blessed. That can take many forms. At St. Paul’s, we have a food shelf, a clothing closet, and yearly benevolence fund. I bet you knew about two of those three, so let me introduce you to the benevolence fund and the kingdom work it allows us to do.

Before I started my call at St. Paul’s, this congregation already had in place a $17,000 a year line item in the budget simply called benevolence. This money exists to bless missions, organizations, community groups, or whatever is deemed worthy and proper use when someone submits an idea and information to the council. We then have some discussion about the idea, look at where we are in the year and how many requests we have, and then allocate a certain amount to the proposed recipient. It is the best part of the council meeting, because being able to give and bless others really is a treat. It’s like Christmas all year round!

So, how about I fill you in on the different organizations we’ve been able to help over the last year and you can not only learn about some worthy groups that you might like to further support, but also see how we as a congregation continue to reach outside these walls to bless our neighbors.

So far this year, we have sent relief money to Iowa, to Eight Days of Hope, an organization that coordinates, feeds, houses, and sends out volunteers that assist with cleanup after the terrible storm that hit the quad city area.

We have contributed to the Angel funds at both STMA and BHM schools to help students who have trouble paying for their meals.

We were happy to support Garden of the Sleeping Angels, a place of healing for families that have lost children, see more here -

Support has been sent to The Well, an organization that offers support services to women and children in need.

Most recently, we are partnering with Timber Bay, an organization that walks with the underserved youth in our communities and offers them a place to belong, a place to feel safe, and most importantly, an invitation to walk with Jesus. Read more here - Ben Harvey is our local Outreach Staff, he can be reached at

Each year, we have a list like this and are so blessed to be able to partner with great groups intent on loving and serving our neighbors. If you have something you would love to share with us on council, please reach out and provide some information and we can bring it up for discussion!

Thanks for your continued support for the mission and vision of St. Paul’s, it truly is a gift to serve you and be part of the generosity of this church!


Pastor Luke