Oct. 21 - Joseph

Watch the video God's Story: Joseph

  1. How would you answer someone younger who asked you what the key to the following is:


-Success in School

-Peace with Yourself

  1. Joseph has been described as an "everyday hero".

-Where do you see everyday heroes in your life? Give some examples.

-would you consider yourself an everyday hero? Why or Why Not?

-God uses everyday heroes all the time. Why?

Watch Pastor Luke's video

3. How did Joseph deal with all the struggles he had? Where did he see God in the midst of them?

4. Put the following in order of how Joseph spent his time in Egypt. Prisoner, head of Potiphar's household, servant, 2nd in power after Pharaoh.

5. What did you learn from Joseph's life that you can make part of your life?

6. Joseph had MANY spiritual practices that kept him in relationship with God. A spiritual practice is a regular and intentional activity that establishes, develops, and nourishes a relationship with God. What are some spiritual practices you could do?

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