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Trust and Memorial Committee

The Trust and Memorial Committee is entrusted to be good stewards of memorial donations given in memory of loved ones or friends who have passed away.  This committee also oversees designated funds donated through estate planning, trust and wills, or funds donated by members that want to continue specific memorials or help with our church youth scholarship funds.


A new memorial fund has been started in partnership with Meryl Barthel in honor and memory of her son Matthew Barthel.  Please consider this in your yearly donations.  

We awarded eight college scholarships last year for our youth members.

Trust and Memorial Committee's Charitable Funds

General Trust and Memorial Fund has been used for church maintenance and improvement projects, altar paraments and mission support.

T&M Youth Scholarship Fund St. Paul's offers scholarships for summer Bible camps and for college students. 

St. Paul's Organ Maintenance Fund is used for the ongoing maintenance of our historic church organ.

Kottke Trust and Memorial Fund  is an estate memorial.

Matthew Barthel Memorial Scholarship Fund is for college scholarships.

The Trust and Memorial committee with God's guidance is committed through careful stewardship and prudently managing the funds entrusted to us to further God's work at St Paul's. With your help and generous giving we can continue to do more in the life of St Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church. 

In His Name, Jesus Christ 
Trust and Memorial Committee

Partnerships and Links

T&M partners with Thrivent Financial

T&M Scholarship applications are due by June 15.


Wade Leistico, the committee chairperson, can be reached at 612 834 0984 to answer questions regarding Trust and Memorial donations.

The Trust and Memorial committee has five members that serve three year terms. Contact Wade if you are interested in joining this committee.

Requests for gift and memorial funds can be made by filling out the form in the attachments.