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Gifts and Memorials

Gifts and memorials given to St. Paul's are used according to the wishes of our donors.


St.Paul's offers scholarships for camp and for college students. Contact the church office to apply.

Trust and Memorial

This group keeps records of all the gift and memorial monies received and spent.

A Simple & Convenient way to Give

Consider signing up for electronic giving. St. Paul’s relies on the financial support of the congregation & electronic giving offers an easy way to give on a recurring basis. Please contact the church office for details.

Thank You!

Wish List

Paraments for Lent
Donations to help pay off our mortgage.
A more permanent home for our Clothing Closet.
A larger sanctuary.
A new outdoor sign.
Search for Time and Talent in the site for additional needs.

Offering Envelopes

Every month each member family receives a packet of envelopes from the church. The following is an explanation of these envelopes.

General Fund offerings for each Sunday are for the general operating expenses of the church.
Funding God’s Mission
is a special fund created to retire the principal of our mortgage debt.
Mortgage Fund is for either mortgage principal or interest. It is not connected to any special appeal.
Mission envelope
s every quarter go to Lutheran World Relief or other missions directed by the Church Council.
Lenten, Holy Week, Advent and Thanksgiving
or any other special offerings will go toward the general operating expenses unless designated by the Church Council.

Time and Talent


Requests for gift and memorial funds can be made by filling out the form in the attachments.

Helen in the church office at 763 498-8311.
Helen Skutley,
Sep 22, 2011, 7:47 AM