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Message From Pastor Luke

posted May 29, 2018, 12:06 PM by Tracey Morris

Introductions are in order!

 Hi, I’m Luke Schmidt, and I’m your new senior pastor. You may recognize me from Sunday morning worship, I’m the tall one up front. Also, it’s quite possible that I’ve already met you and you told me your name. If that is the case, please keep telling me your name until I greet you by name. I really am working on it!

 I know this is an interesting time of the year to be starting a new call at St. Paul’s, many of you are off to summer events and cabins and sporting events and I might not see you too often between now and this fall. So, let me introduce myself as best I can in this short little article.

 I’m married to my wife Jess, and we are into our 17th year of marriage. We really like each other. We also like our kids, Kate, 11 and Will, 9. They are fun and energetic and challenging in all the right ways. You will probably see them at the 10:45 service, maybe up in the balcony. Make sure to say hi!

 I love being a pastor, it really is what God made me to do. He’s given me gifts for leadership, for preaching and casting a vision, for walking with people through hard times in their lives, and for creating a community of people that cares deeply for God and for each other. I used to be a software engineer, a java developer if you are curious, but I always knew that God really wanted me to be with people and to lead people in their journey of faith.

 So here I am, and I want to share a bit with you about what God has sent into your midst. First of all, I’m a big picture kind of guy. I like to look at the how and the why of things. I like to see how everything works together. I also think that excellence is God honoring. We give God our first fruits, we give God our best, that should be the same in the world of God’s church. Together, we’ll look into how we do that!

I’m also really focused on making the most of the opportunities we have. From helping our great staff be their best to utilizing our great location and dreaming about how we can engage all those people that drive by every day, what dreams does God have for St. Paul’s that are in the months and years to come?

I’d better stop there, I don’t want you to get too excited! What a fun time to be part of this great, growing congregation.

 Now, my life isn’t all about work and ministry, I stay busy coaching the kids in whatever sport the season brings, I build barnwood and rustic furniture, I like home remodeling projects, and enjoy tinkering with whatever the newest gadgets are. I also hybridize and grow hostas, with about 150 varieties and hundreds of my own seedlings. So, I stay busy enough…

 Now it’s your turn! Introduce yourself when I see you, tell me what you are passionate about, what gets you excited about life. Find me on facebook or stop by the office. Let’s get to know each other and see what God has in store for us next!

 It’s good to be here with you, I pray God blesses our time together for years to come…

 Pastor Luke