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Message from Pastor Leon

posted Jul 29, 2013, 7:49 AM by Tracey Morris   [ updated Mar 26, 2016, 7:38 AM ]

In the July Newsletter I began to tell you about The Story. This book contains an arrangement of all most important ‘stories’ of the Bible in chronological order. There are thirty-one chapters and in those chapters the entire Big Story of the Bible is told, from the story of creation in the first chapter of Genesis, to the beginnings of the Christian Church in the New Testament. (See the full article on the church website; on the right hand column of the home page, go to “Pastor’s Messages,” and scroll down).

Everyone in the congregation is being encouraged to read The Story over the coming year. Copies will be made available in September, and then on RoundUp day (September 22nd), you will be given the opportunity to sign up for one of the small groups being formed in which to discuss what you have been reading. Pastor Gorden has been describing this in worship on Sunday mornings, and several people have already volunteered to lead and/or host these small group meetings in their homes. (If you would like to be a leader or host contact Helen in the church office).

These small groups will be a great opportunity to not only learn about the Bible together, but also an opportunity to get to acquainted with more people in our church family. The purpose of the small groups is to build a community centered on Christ. The early church, described by Luke in the second chapter of Acts, gathered together in homes to grow in their faith in a setting of Christian fellowship. Groups may meet in homes, at a restaurant, or the at church. Groups are free to meet weekly or monthly, and free to decide how to structure their discussion of the story. A DVD and a discussion guide are available, or you can decide to have a more informal discussion. The goal is to provide a variety of ways to meet together around God’s Word. You may, of course, just read The Story on your own, but it can be a real blessing to learn about the Bible with others.

You will be hearing more about this in the weeks to come. Do plan to take advantage of this chance to read again all the great Bible ‘stories,’ to learn about the Bible’s Big Story, and to see how it all fits together.

--Pastor Leon