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Message From Pastor Leon

posted Aug 27, 2012, 2:29 PM by Tracey Morris   [ updated Mar 26, 2016, 7:38 AM ]
Not everyone goes to church and not everyone believes in God, but everyone has questions about life and death and the hereafter. The Bible provides a set of answers to those questions, as do other religions and various philosophers. Some answers from these sources are true, some are false, and some are partly true.

If you are a Christian you would, by definition, believe in the truth of the answers given in the Bible. But that means you will have to know something about what the Bible says. However, many Christians know very little of what the Bible says about anything, very little about what it means to be a Christian and what God says in His Word about even the biggest questions in life.
We still do wonder about these things, and in our media saturated world there are answers all around us, answers that will shape what we believe. And among those answers are many misleading and wrong answers that people all too easily accept without much thought. Those without a firm foundation in God’s Word can come to believe all the wrong answers about everything, and may eventually be led away from faith in God, and then they are lost. You need to know and understand what the Bible says.

Movies often attempt to answer the big questions of life, but just because a clever screenwriter can write some witty dialogue doesn’t make it true. And there are all sorts of wonderful songs by very talented people, but just because some rhyming words are written to a catchy tune doesn’t make them true. And just because famous people say seemingly profound things in heavily scripted talk shows, doesn’t mean they know what they are talking about. In all of those cases, much of what they say might well contain some truth, but much of it is not true at all. This happens all the time in the way religion is dealt with in our society. Yet, we are all deeply influenced by these messages from the media and entertainment industries. In fact, most people are far more influenced by these other things than by God’s Word. What do you spend the most time reading and hearing-- God’s Word? or movies, TV, novels, magazines, music, and the internet? The comparison is not even close for the majority of Christians who spend very little time in the Bible, and so it is no wonder that faith weakens and dies for so many.

I am going to teach a class on Thursday evenings this fall called GOOD QUESTIONS. Each week we will look at one of these big questions that most people ask at one time or another, and then look at examples of the false ways they are answered in our culture. Then, we look at what the Bible has to say. We will also examine the credibility of the various sources, including the Bible.
I have several topics in mind, but I want to be open to your questions. Therefore, I am going to list the questions for the first three weeks only, and will then plan the remaining weeks as we go.

The first three weeks will look like this:
September 20:
Is the Bible true? What if someone just made the whole thing up? How can we know?
September 27:
What does church have to do with it? I’m not going to hell if I don’t go to church, am I?
October 4:
Why worry about being good if I am saved by grace and God forgives everything anyway? How do we get to heaven?
Classes will meet Thursday evenings from 6:30-7:30 in the Library.

-Pastor Leon