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Message From Pastor Gorden

posted Jun 20, 2012, 5:14 PM by Tracey Morris   [ updated Mar 26, 2016, 7:38 AM ]

This week we will celebrate the fourth of July, Independence Day. Webster’s definition of independence: not to be governed by another or not requiring or relying on something or somebody else and not easily influenced.

On Baccalaureate Sunday we once again heard from our graduating seniors about their plans for the future. They are seeking their independence as their future unfolds before them. This is a good and wonderful thing. When the children grow wings and move on it brings a certain amount of pain but the joy for them is overwhelming. Although the children grow up they are always your children. We who are a part of their church family take this ongoing connection very seriously. It is a part of our promise we all make at their Baptism into the faith. As a church family we will continue to encourage, nurture and pray for their success in whatever they choose to do. As they go on their way, we send them with our blessings to be ambassadors of our church. Congratulations as you mature in an independent walk in life.

In the United States of America we have lived and breathed this independent notion in life. As we pause and reflect on our national holiday of independence it is good to remember. We remember those men and women who served in our Armed Forces and many who gave the supreme sacrifice of their life. You see, freedom is never really free, there is a cost associated with our freedom. So even though we may be independent, in a sense we remain dependent on those who secure our way of life in this country. Children, even though they become independent remain dependent on their parents for some time.

Ironically as Christians we are free to be all we can be as followers, disciples of Jesus Christ. This is a gift we share as God’s children. However, once again, our independence, or freedom in Christ is tied to the supreme sacrifice God made in order for us to enjoy our freedoms. You see we are truly dependent on the love and mercy of a gracious God who continues to nurture and affirm us every day along life’s pathways. Without God’s mercy and grace being poured out to forgive us daily we would all flounder. So our independence always must reflect the radiance of our God who secures our foundation for life. Only then will be mature in our faith walk and become those faithful followers God chooses us to be.

“But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”(Romans 5:8)

We are now in the midst of our summer shift. We are all free and independent to go on vacations and spend time at the lake homes whenever we choose. However, the church, your church St. Paul’s remains dependent on your weekly offerings. We truly appreciate your partnership and faithful giving. You can always drop your offering in the mail and send it to the church office.

In July we have twenty nine senior high students going to Summer Fest at Gustavus College. Then, the following week it is VBS. Thank you for your prayers of support for these young people and the VBS staff. The mission and ministries of St. Paul’s continue throughout the summer months as well. Enjoy your summer!

A partner in service,

Pastor Gorden