Children's letters to GOD  - All letters were delivered to God through prayer.

Summer Fest 2012
If you could ask God anything, what would you ask him?

*Am I going to heaven?
*Why are there bugs?
*What is heaven like?
*When is the rapture going to happen?
*Why did Jesus come to earth?
*Why do you choose certain people to come in and out of our lives?
*How can Jesus be so perfect?
*What does Jesus look like? What do you look like?
*Why is there sickness and disease in the world?
*Why did you send Jesus?
*Will my pets be with me in heaven?
*What are your plans for me?
*How come you allow suffering?
*Why do people die?
*Does everyone have a purpose?
*Will I see my friends and family in heaven?
*Why am I a twin?
*Why am I on this path?
*Why do people have disabilities?
*Why is there poverty?
*Why is heaven so far away?
*Are my grandparents in heaven?
*Why are we all so different? Why do we all look so different?
*Why do I have to make decisions?
*Why are there so many other religions?
*How did you think of everything to create?
*What is the point of life?
*How do you do all that you do?
*Why is there a heaven or hell? Why is there good vs. evil? Why can’t we all be good?
*Will I join you in the afterlife?

Letters to God-Carnival 2012

  • I love you!
  • God, thank you for making our world.
  • Dear God, why do we have to have icky thunderstorms?
  • Dear God, why do we have tornados?
  • Dear God, hi!
  • Dear God, Hi! Do u remember me?
  • Dear God, What’s up? 
  • Hellow God! Thank you for the fair today! I am having fun! 
  • Dear God, Thank you for my family and everything you’ve given me. I love you.
  • Dear God, I weelle love you!!! 
  • Dear God, I pray for happiness and forgiveness. I love you. Thank You. 
  • Dear God, Thank you for today. I won pop but I don’t need it. 
  • Dear God, I want to pray for #Jabs. I love him and hope he gets better. 
  • Dear God, please pray for my family. Thank you for watching over us. 


 God also received MANY wonderful pictures of churches, homes, friends, family, and animals.